Expectation for participants

Our expectation for those participating in Coram Voice training is as follows:

  1. Arrive (physically or virtually) before the advertised course start time to ensure that the course can start at the advertised time.
  2. Mobile phones and other devices must be switched off or on silent during the course. If you must take an urgent call please leave the training room/virtual space.
  3. Take part in the full duration of the training session(s) unless you have agreed any earlier departure or absence with the trainer before the session begins.
  4. Be respectful of other trainees. Coram Voice trainings provide an excellent chance to meet and work alongside professionals from other organisation and agencies. People may offer views and opinions that are different to yours and these contributions should be respected. Any behaviour or views expressed that are seen as discriminatory will be challenged.
  5. Please share your professional insights when you participate in training sessions but please respect data protection and privacy principles and do not share personal information about individuals you have worked with.
  6. Take care of yourself and other participants. The Coram Voice training programme may potentially cause distress for participants due to the nature of our work with children and young people in an on the edges of the care system. Please consider this before taking part in a course. If you find the content distressing please feel free to leave the training space and take a break from the group. , Please be mindful of the impact of the training may have on other participants. Please ensure you have a colleague or counselling service available to you if you need to debrief or discuss the impact of the content of the training course has had on you.
  7. Any serious breach of the above expectations may be communicated to the participant’s employer.