Young children

Coram Voice works with a diverse range of younger children (aged 11 and below), who are in or around care, in a wide range of settings. We help them understand the complexities of the situation they are in and make sure they are heard in decisions made about them.

Our work with young children in and around care

Working with young age groups provides a range of different challenges. We have developed specialist approaches to help them engage with advocacy, understand their rights and the have a voice in decision being made about their care.

Work we have produced includes AdvoCat, our advocacy champion for children. AdvoCat helps raise younger children’s awareness of the role of the advocate and how they can help children navigate the care system and ensure that their views and rights are taken into account by decision makers.

Our offer to professionals working with young children in and around care

Our Specialist Advocacy Service is able to assist the advocates and other professionals who are working with young children by sharing our training, resources and advice.


Our training courses draw upon our expert knowledge of years of knowledge working in the sector and focus on different areas young children in care, on the edge of care may be experiencing.

For our latest training dates, please visit our Training page


We provide a range of reports, publications and advice across our website, based on our knowledge, findings and policy understanding.

Get Specialist Advice

Visit our Specialist Advocacy Advice page to request expert advice about advocacy with young children.