ANV awards 2022

The A National Voice Awards champion and recognise the work of children in care councils and care leaver forums. We invited care experienced children an young people to share the work and projects they had been working on and we had some really outstanding entries that showed true creativity and innovation.

Winners – Amplify 2022

Campaign Award

North Yorkshire Care Champions (video is via a QR code on their poster)

North Yorkshire Care Champions made a training film about ‘tackling the language of care’. They have used this film in training with professionals including newly qualified social workers and shared it at a Lived Experience Conference organised by the social work teaching partnership. It has provoked and prompted discussions about what needs to change and how to better support children and young people.


Judges comments: Great that the video is used for training. I also like that there are photos of how young people felt during the planning. It’s clear that all ideas have been listened to that were put forward by young people. The video is a really good example of a campaign.

The idea is a great one, the topic is important as it is a national issue and needs to be addressed and talked about. Young people definitely come across as the main focus.

Keep going you’ve really got something.

Participation Award 

Young Inspectors (Peterborough and Cambridgeshire)

The Young Inspectors group (ages 13 to 18 years) discussed how supervised contact centres could be improved to be more welcoming for the children and young people who use them. They arranged to visit the supervised contact centres across Peterborough and Cambridgeshire, meeting in advance to talk about the things they would be looking for and how recommendations should be given.


Judges comments: It is a fab idea to make family time more special. Fab they did so many paintings on their own! It’s a really good and thoughtful project and piece of work well done. It is clear they know what participation means, congratulations to the young inspectors.

The Voice Award 

YVIC Hull Young Voices Influencing Care. Hull’s Children in care council YP ages 10-16

YVIC, Hull’s Children in Care Council have created an animation film called ‘Dream On’ which talks about the experience of coming into care. They worked together to create the film and supported each other throughout. The group also made a podcast about how changes in social worker effects children and young people. This has been shared through a training resource for all social workers. As a result, Hull City Council have made a commitment to lessen the impact on children and young people when a social worker changes.

Judges comments: The video is really heart-warming and impactful. It is really great that this is shared from the young person’s perspective. The fact the video has been recognised by influential people demonstrates how good and emotive it is.

The Community Award 

South London Refugee Association

The South London Refugee Association run a group for care experienced young migrants. The group come together to make sure the voices of young people are listened to. They feel proud to be part of this group which is a safe space and where they want everyone to feel they belong. The group have attended community organised leadership training and been the Houses of Parliament for ‘It’s Our Care’ day.


Judges comments: It’s really nice to hear there is a dedicated group for care experienced migrants. It’s important they have good representation.

The young people clearly advocate for themselves really well, we really love this group, their set-up and the work that they are doing. Particularly because language barriers can be quite difficult so to see the amazing outcomes proves this can be overcome. Really good job.

Other nominations

The Central Bedfordshire Children In Care Council

Nominated for – The Community Award




Southampton Voices Unite

Nominated for: The Voice Award




Brookside Homeless Helpers BHH

Nominated for: The Community Award




Sheffield Children in Care Council and Sheffield Care Leavers Union

Nominated for: The Voice Award




Who Cares We Care Group

Nominated for: Participation Award




London Borough of Hillingdon Children in care council

Nominated for: The Voice Award




Young Inspectors (Coventry)

Nominated for:​ Participation Award




Care Leaver Forum (Cambridgeshire)

Nominated for: The Voice Award




Young Leaders Forum Bristol

Nominated for: The Voice Award