Get your voice heard in the Independent Review of Children’s Social Care

The Independent Review of Children’s Social Care was announced in March 2020 and has been set up by the government to make sure children and young people in and leaving care get the support they need.

This is an important piece of work and the opportunity to shape social care (social workers, being in care, leaving care) in England.

As part of the review, we have shared what we have learned from our Bright Spots work, which includes the views of over 15,000 care experienced children and young people who have taken part in our surveys. We have also offered support to the review through our A National Voice program, to make sure the voices of more children and young people in care and leaving care are heard.

What will happen

In the early summer 2021, the review team published a report called “The Case for Change” which highlighted the broad areas they have identified as most needing changing in children’s social care.

After “The Case for Change” was released, our A National Voice Ambassadors (a group of 24 care experienced young people aged 16-25 from across England) developed workshops for young people to have their say on the area’s highlighted in “The Case for Change”, as well as any other key issues that young people want to talk about that have not been included in “The Case for Change”.

Our A National Voice Ambassadors will then gather together the views discussed by young people in the workshops to send into the review. They will follow this up by letting young people know how their views have influenced the review.

How to get involved

A National Voice want to make sure as many young people as possible get their views heard by the review team. To make sure you are involved sign up via our link.

As well as creating resources for Children in Care Councils across England, supporting them to run sessions locally to gather children and young people’s feedback on the review, A National Voice will also be running sessions for young people who may not be involved in their Children in Care Council to make sure as many young people as possible get their say. This includes young people with disabilities, young parents, unaccompanied asylum seeking children, and young people in residential homes.

Our A National Voice ambassadors were appointed in November 2020 and between them cover every region in England, and include ambassadors representing unaccompanied asylum seekers, young people living in residential homes, young parents, LGBTQ+ young people, care leavers studying at university, and young people with disabilities.

Session Packs

We have designed session packs as “menus” containing a number of activities that you can pick and choose from, where you can pick and choose your starter, main and desserts based on the topics and activities which appeal most to your young people, as well as containing some small activities which we would like everyone to complete.

We suggest you may want to plan in at least 90 minutes to focus on the care review but have designed number of activities that you can choose from so you can design a session to suit the needs of your group, doing more or less where appropriate.

Download Menus

Getting your Feedback back to us

Please complete our monitoring form, which gives us some basic information about who has participated.

When sharing feedback, you can take photos, scan in notes, share voice or video recordings or share online whiteboard/Jamboards with us, or any other digital format. We want to make the process as easy as possible for you to contribute, so whatever format this is in we don’t mind.

A good phrase to remember is “quotes not notes” as quotes can be much more powerful when getting your point across, so please make sure to record and indicate where there are direct quotes from children and young people.

Download monitoring form

Please send all your responses to us at by 16th August 2021.

Sign up to get involved in The Independent Review of Children’s Social Care

Care Experienced young people: Sign up to get involved 

For Participation Workers, Children in Care Councils, Childrens Residential Homes and Groups and Organisations working with children in care and care leavers: Sign up to be on the list to receive our co-produced workshop sessions to run with your young people (these will be shared with you in July) 

For IRO’s, Social Workers, Leaving Care Workers, Support staff that are working with individual young people who may not want to take part in group workshops: Sign up to support them to feed their voice into the care review 

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