Coram Voice supports the Children At The Table campaign

01 Feb 24

Coram Voice, as part of the Coram Group, are proud to be supporting the Children at Table campaign, led by five large children’s charities. The aim of the campaign is to make sure the next government has a plan to put Children at the Table.

Together, we’re asking the next Government to:

1. Work together to improve the lives of babies, children and young people;

2. Put children’s needs and voices at the heart of decision making;

3. Spend more of the nation’s wealth on babies, children and young people.

And here’s why:

The UK could be the best place in the world to grow up. But the last few years have seen trends go the wrong way.

There are more babies going without health visitors. More children are growing up in poverty, and more young people are waiting months on a mental health waiting list. Ahead of an upcoming General Election, we must make sure the next Prime Minister does more to make good childhoods a national priority.

If the new government puts children first, we can make sure:

  • Children have a great childhood and start in life;
  • Child poverty, mental health, and children’s social care are addressed comprehensively;
  • We rally the entire government to make the UK the best place for babies, children and young people.

So, as the general election approaches, let’s put the next generation at the heart of decision making.

Please add your support by taking action and signing the petition today.

To continue to influence change, we must make sure as many people as possible join the cause, so please share with your wider networks! Together we can give children the childhoods they deserve.