Privacy Statement for A National Voice, campaigning and participation (online and in-person sessions)

What is a Privacy Statement?

This is a privacy notice, it is about the information we collect about you. We have to have this by law (General Data Protection Regulation, May 2018) so you know what we do with information we have about you.

We are only able to keep information about you when you know:

  • Exactly who is keeping your information and data
    • Why we are keeping your information
    • What reasons we have for keeping your information
    • The types of personal information we will keep
    • Where your personal data has come from
    • Who we might share information with and why
    • How long we will keep your information
    • What your rights are for example- if you want to see your records
    • What if I think the information you have about me is wrong?
    • How you can stop us from having your information
    • How you can make a complaint

We can only keep information that is relevant to our work with you. These are called records. Records have to be accurate, up to date, secure and kept for a limited amount of time only. You might ask us:

What information do we collect from you?

What information we collect will depend on how we are working with you.

When you sign up for a campaign, mailing list or join an event

When you register to join A National Voice campaign, mailing list, online participation session or in person sessions we may ask you for the following information:

When you take part online

  • Name
  • Mobile number
  • Your email
  • Date of birth or age
  • Gender you identify as
  • Ethnicity
  • Your care status
  • Disability
  • The area where you live

When we meet in person

  • We ask you to give two emergency contacts – name, relationship to you and a phone number
  • We also ask for any access or support needs and any dietary requirements for any in person activities

When we capture photos, videos or audio recordings

We will ask you to sign a media consent for photos, videos and audio content where you can be identified. This will cover

  • Photos which we may take of you
  • Video we may take of you
  • Audio we may take of you
  • Photos you might provide to us
  • Video you might provide to us
  • Audio you might provide to us

Any items are held safely by us. We will always tell you why we are taking or asking you to provide media content, where this will be shared i.e. social media, website, reports or other places.

We may ask you to share your stories e.g. as part of a campaign. We ask that you only share what you are comfortable with sharing and you would be happy for people to see now and in the future. This information will be held safely with us. We will not share any of your personal details alongside your story unless we have specifically asked for your consent.

Why do you keep this information?

  • We keep your contact information so that we can keep in touch with you about activities you are involved in with us.
  • We keep your date of birth so we can make sure you are eligible for our programmes and to make sure that we follow the right processes to support you in line with your age.
  • We also keep a record of your age, gender, ethnicity, disability, care status and where you live so that we can evaluate our programmes and make sure we’re working with a diverse range of young people.
  • We keep details of access, support needs and dietary requirements so that we can make sure you are safe and supported.
  • We keep your emergency contact details so that we have someone we can get in touch with in the case of an emergency.
  • We keep photos and video and audio files to amplify care experienced voices, support campaigns and to publicise the Coram Group’s charitable work.
  • Photo and video may be used online and for marketing materials (e.g. newsletters, our annual review, exhibitions in museums, the Coram Group’s websites, and our social media accounts, e.g. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) and public relations (e.g. newspapers, magazines and for broadcast on television).

Who is keeping my information and data?

Coram Voice record your information on a system which is safe and secure.  The organisation is Coram Voice, QEII Centre, Coram Campus, 41 Brunswick Square, London, WC1N 1AZ, 020 7833 5792.

Coram Voice is part of the Coram group of charities.

Electronic records are saved on a secure database that is available to Coram Voice and Coram staff on a need to know basis. This means no one who will look at your information who does not need to. Any paper records we have are kept in locked cabinets.

Who might we share this information with?

The images and video footage may be shared with third parties (e.g. newspapers, corporate partners and other media organisations) via electronic (i.e. online) to publicise and promote the work of the Coram Voice. We will always tell you the reason for sharing images or video footage before we do this. If you do not want us to share just let us know and we will not.

For the purposes of campaigning we may share your images and video’s with other organisations such as Department for Education, OfSTED or other national organisations.

When you give us your name, address or phone number it will remain confidential and will not be passed on to anyone else (third parties).We will not share any of your contact details unless we have specifically asked for your consent (e.g. to put you in touch with another organisation offering an opportunity you are interested in). Coram Voice will never share your information with other organisations for marketing, market research or commercial purposes without you telling us we can do this.

However, if you give us information that suggests you or someone else is at serious risk of harm, then we may have to tell someone to keep you or them safe.

How long will you keep my information?

Coram Voice will keep your information for a year after you have stopped being part of the programme or after the campaign has been completed. You can, however choose to continue to get information about opportunities from us and we will check this with you every year. You can advise Coram Voice that you do not want to be contacted or involved in the project anymore at any time and we will delete your information.

All our staff has been trained and follow our confidentiality policy where your rights to confidentiality are respected and protected.

What are my rights over my information?

We will make sure we keep your personal data up to date so you can fully participate in our work. We will also make sure that our processing of your personal data is in line with the law (General Data Protection Regulation). You can find out more about General Data Protection Regulations by visiting

You have the right to request access to the personal data that we have collected about you to change or delete any of the information. You also have the right to request a copy of the personal data we have collected about you.

Can I see my records, change them or stop you keeping my information?

At any point, if you would like to make a request to access, review, or correct the personal data we have collected about you, or to discuss how we process your personal data, please contact

To help protect your privacy and security, we will confirm who you are before giving you access to your personal data.

How can I make a complaint?

If you are unhappy with how we are using the information we have about you please speak to the data controller ( to see if they can help. You can also make a complaint.

If you are not happy then you can also complain to:
The Information Commissioner

Wycliffe House
Water Lane
Help line: 0303 123 1113

This notice was last updated on 1 March 2024