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What are my rights and entitlements?

If you are a child in need, in care (also called ‘looked after’) or a care leaver you have certain rights. Children’s Services have a duty to provide you with certain things and make sure you are safe.

In this section you can read our most Frequently Asked Questions and answers, which have lots of information about the help and support you should be getting from Children’s Services.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Good news! The law has changed. From 1st April 2018 Children's Services should offer help to all Care Leavers up to the age of 25 (even if they are not in education as used to be the case).


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Help and support

If there’s anything that is making you unhappy about the care and support you get from Children’s Services then it’s really important that you tell someone.

You might want help from an advocate to talk to Children’s Services about your problems.  You can read more about how an advocate can help you here - Always Heard.

You can search for your local advocacy service by using our Find Your Advocate tool