Hull were really pleased with the large number of children in care and care leavers (over 400) who took the time to share how they were feeling and doing through the Bright Spots surveys. The local authority are committed to making sure children and young people (and those who support them) know what will happen as a result of what everyone said. They are also committed to making changes alongside young people.


Hull have committed considerable time to disseminate the Bright Spots findings across all departments of children’s social care – from student social workers right up to the Director of Children’s services and elected council members. Sessions have been held to give staff time to reflect on the findings and what it means for them in their role – those attending were asked to make ‘pledges’ about what they personally could do in response to what children have said – this has resulted in individual and team commitments to ‘do’ and ‘think’ differently. Over 450 practitioners people have attended these sessions so far.

‘You said, we are doing together’ posters have been created following the Bright Spots dissemination events led by the children in care council – the posters capture some of the work Hull are doing to address children’s priority issues.

They have created a film in the style of  ‘words and pictures’ (Signs of Safety approach) which includes messages from social workers about what they are going to do in response to Bright Spots findings. Words and pictures is a way of explaining things really clearly to children.

The film (7 minutes) has been really well received by children – it has been shared with them by their carers and workers. ​​

The Director of Children’s services has also written a letter to all children in care to tell them about the findings and commitment to action – the letter is accompanied by a ‘words and pictures’ story.


Children and young people have reported they feel their local authority is listening to them and making changes. Members of the children in care council have worked on projects inspired by how children are feeling –for example, a sculpture created for the town hall and an award winning film produced – these projects have been high profile with support form the Chief Executive and wider council. 

Hull are committed to repeating the Bright Spots findings in the future to see if there are changes in how children are feeling in the areas they have been working on.

Letter to Hull's children in care from Director of Children's Services, Pauline Turner

Words and pictures for children in care from Director of Children's Services, Pauline Turner