Hull took part in the Bright Spots programme in 2021-22. Over 200 children in care answered the surveys sharing how they were feeling in relation to staying connected with the people who were important to them. About a quarter of children and young people (8-18yrs) wanted to see members of their family more: their mum (29%), dad (28%) and siblings (34%).


Hull have developed a 1.5 hour session for workers across the services to listen to and respond to the Bright Spots findings. Alongside learning more about how children are feeling, a big focus is to create space for workers to reflect on how the findings make them feel. Each worker is asked to make a pledge of things they can do in response to the findings. 

Seven events have been run and over 450 practitioners have taken part. Following the sessions posters have been created and are displayed in offices (next to tea & coffee area). The A3 posters focus on ‘you said’ and ‘we will do’. Hull’s actions to support children in care in relation to staying connected to important people in their lives include:

+ Establishing a working group to focus on family time;

+ Ensuring Independent reviewing officers (IROs) will now always ask questions about family time as part of reviews – checking there is a clear plan for children and young people around having time with people who are important to them and explanations when this is not possible. 


Hull have disseminated the findings across their services in teammeetings and events. They have created a ‘words and pictures film’ which includes messages from social workers about what they are going to do in response to the Bright Spots findings. The film has been shown to the children in care council and a letter sent to all children in care to tell them about next steps after the Bright Spots findings.​​