Hear from Pauline Plaiter, Leaving Care Team Manager for Stockport Council, who expands on the Pets case study (from 6 minutes in) and the factors that lead to its implementation. This video is an extract from a webinar called How can Bright Spots unlock ‘Stable Homes, Built on love’? that originally took place in June 2023.


Stockport recognized how important it was for their care leavers to have a pet, but this also presented some difficulties around how to care for pets responsibly.

  • Stockport have worked over the last 2-3 years to help care leavers meet the financial challenges of living independently.
  • All care leavers can access support from their local pantry – see Stockport – Community Hubs here
  • They looked to extend this support to help their young people meet the rising costs of caring for their pets.
  • When young people attend their Local Food bank they can be offered pet food if needed through the development of a Pet Food bank.
  • The Leaving Care Team are also liaising with the Blue Cross so that we have an emergency stock of pet food available outside of the Food bank opening hours.
  • Links were made with the local Blue Cross charity and care leavers have been offered a Pet Welfare Toolkit and information on Living With Pets through the Greater Manchester BeeConnected app and the Local Offer web page.
  • Stockport are also in the process of developing workshop sessions on pets through the Blue Cross to offer as part of our Life Skills sessions for care leavers, including a survey to help care leavers inform the content of these workshops

Over the last 3 years there has been an increase in the number of care leavers who are pet owners in Stockport.