A National Voice – supporting you with co-production and participation

A National Voice (ANV) are the ‘National Children in Care Council’ for children in care and care leavers. Their aim is to improve the care-system, promote young people’s aspirations and challenge public negative attitudes towards care-experienced young people.

ANV can work with you to develop projects that are lead by care-experienced children and young people.

ANV ambassadors are a core group of young people recruited annually from across the country to represent care-experienced young people nationally. They help organisations to develop and run campaigns as well as creating resources to address issues that are important to children in care and care leavers. They are also on hand to talk to decision makers about the care system and what would make life better for those in their care.

ANV is facilitated by Coram Voice’s Participation Team. They are available to share knowledge and expertise in co-production and participation as well as for training, conferences and seminars.

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To find out how A National Voice could support you, please email: ANV@coramvoice.org.uk


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For young people wanting to get involved with A National Voice, find out more here.