Care-Experienced Consultants

Coram Voice’s Care-Experienced Consultants (CEC’s) support our work and are available to work externally to help develop co-production and participation opportunities for children and young people. CEC’s can support local authorities, researchers as well as other organisations working within the care system. To find out more, contact us on


Discover how Care-Experienced Consultants can support you:

Peer Research

  • Facilitate workshops with young people to gather their views and opinions on the research topic.
  • Advise researchers on the design of the research and how young people are involved.
  • Develop user-friendly information guides aimed at young people for local authorities who are participating in the study.
  • Conduct interviews with young people to gather their views on the area of research being looked at.

Youth Practitioners

  • Support care leavers to communicate their views and opinions to local authority professionals and services.
  • Give advice to the local authority about ways they can engage with local care leavers.
  • Work with the Voices Improving Care team at Coram Voice to help assess the progress made by local authorities, particularly in regards to engaging well with care leavers.


Our group of Care-Experienced Creatives can:

  • Devise, plan and create vlogs, photos and films which help to communicate key information.
  • Work with care experienced young people aged 13-25, to involve them in the development of digital resources.
  • Work collaboratively to develop and finalise creative resources.