Leaving Care

Coram Voice are the leading providers of specialist advocacy for young care leavers aged 16-25.

We work with care leavers all over the country in order to make sure they know their rights and entitlements and they are being upheld. We also work with a range of different professionals to ensure they are utilising best practice and have up-to-date knowledge when working with care leavers.

Helping young people transition into care leavers

We have a longstanding commitment to providing specialist advocacy that effectively helps young people transition in to independence.

As young people in or around care approach adulthood, they experience many challenges. All too often they don’t get the support they need and miss out on the services they are entitled to. Our Coram Voice Specialist Service Advocacy staff have expert knowledge in guiding care leavers through these difficult areas. Every year we support over 1,000 care leavers and advice and train over 200 advocates and other professionals to create better outcomes for care leavers.

Our care leaver offer to professionals

Our Specialist Advocacy Service is able to assist advocates and other professionals who are working with care leavers, by sharing our training, resources and advice.

Training courses

Our training courses draw upon our expert knowledge of years of knowledge working in the sector and focus on different areas care leavers may be experiencing, including general information and advice on their rights and entitlements, as well as info on homelessness, young people with disabilities, refuges and migrants and more.

For our latest training dates, please visit our Training page


We provide a range of reports, publications and advice across our website, based on our knowledge, findings and policy understanding.

Get Specialist Advice

Visit our Specialist Advocacy Advice page to request expert advice about working with care leavers.