Homelessness: Advocacy and Care Leavers Rights

A significant number of the referrals we receive through the Coram Voice Advocacy helpline are from care leavers facing homelessness, or in unsuitable/temporary accommodation. Many of these care leavers tell us they have asked their leaving care team for help and have not received it, often living in hostels or on the street.  

For this two part course, we will develop your understanding on the rights for adult care leavers facing homelessness and what we can do to support care leavers to find safe and suitable accommodation.

Who is this specialist training for?

Suitable for those with little to no knowledge on the topic, and for those who are interested in a refresher.

Course Outcomes:

  1. To explore an introduction into leaving care and identify categories of care leavers.
  2. Further understand the experience and engage effectively with care leavers who are homeless or at risk of homelessness
  3. To be able to work with relevant legislation including: The Children Act 1989 and the Children Leaving Care Act 2000, including homelessness legislation and ‘priority-need’
  4. To recognise when to consider a ‘Retrospective care status’
  5. To be able to support young people to access to the complaints process and solicitors

Important notes

  • If you are registering your interest, this registers your commitment to both sessions. Session two will develop the learning in session one, so it is important you are able to attend both.
  • This course is not designed for those needing housing legal advice. No legal advice will be provided during this course. Scarlett will be able to signpost to supporting young people to access legal advice.
  • To ensure you are able to participate fully in the session, we ask that you are able to commit to one hour pre reading/activities prior to the session. Please do not sign up if you are unable to set this time aside prior to session one. Reading will be sent out a week in advance and you will be asked to bring this along to the workshops.
  • Please note, spaces are limited. Please do consider leaving the space free if you have already attended this training in person. If you are unfortunately not able to join this session, there will be new dates added in the future.


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