Have your say about Ofsted in the Big Listen

ofsted big listen

15 May 24

Ofsted is the organisation whose job is to check that children get the best possible education and that are kept safe. They do this by visiting schools, colleges, local authorities, children’s homes and other organisations. The new head of Ofsted has launched the Big Listen to hear from everyone they work with, and, most importantly, to hear from children and young people.

Ofsted are keen to hear from children and young people who have care experience. Coram Voice is holding some sessions as part of the ‘Big Listen’ for children and young people aged 11-17 in care to talk about their experiences and views of Ofsted. It is open to all children and young people with care experience, whether they have taken part in an Ofsted inspection or not.

The sessions will be facilitated by Shelly and Emma from Coram Voice. They will be quite relaxed and give children and young people the chance to say what they want to about Ofsted. Some sessions are repeated so please only attend one. Each session will have 10 young people and we will be joined by members of Ofsted to answer any questions you may have.

We will ask you if you are happy to take part before the group discussion at the start. You can also decide to take part now and then change your mind later. We will not be able to delete anything you have spoken about as part of a session you attend. At the end of this project, Ofsted will write a report about what they have learned from the children and young people that took part in the sessions. The report will be published online so that anyone can read it.

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