Always Heard – The national advocacy helpline and safety net for England

“No one was helping. I feel much better now, I think I am happier speaking up now that I have had an advocate, she has helped me to understand how to ask for what I need and what to do if I am not listened to.”

(Louise, a Looked After Child who worked with her Always Heard advocate after not being able to access local support.)

Funded by the Department for Education, our Always Heard service means that, for the first time, there is a single national advocacy advice service and gateway that young people can use. Through Always Heard, young people now can access vital advocacy services across the country and an advocacy ‘safety net’, for when things go wrong and they cannot get advocacy from their local service.

What is Always Heard?

Always Heard is the only national service in England that can provide an Advocate to children and young people who cannot access the local advocacy support they are entitled to.

How does Always Heard Help?

Always Heard provides advice and advocacy for Looked After Children, Care Leavers and young people on the edge of care from 0-25 years old.

Over the last year we have  provided 15,000 information and advice contacts including 6,000 signposting or active referrals to local advocacy services, and over 600 direct one to one “safety net” advocacy interventions.

Get in Contact

If you are working with or know a child that needs advocacy, please contact Always Heard via:


Find out more about Always Heard by reading our 2019 report.