Bright Spots

The Bright Spots Programme is a partnership between Coram Voice and the University of Oxford. It supports local authorities across the country to systematically listen to their children in care and care leavers, to hear directly from them about the things that are important to them and what makes life good for them.

Their subjective well-being  is measured by the Your Life, Your Care and Your Life Beyond Care surveys.

Using the surveys, we work with local authorities to understand how their children and young people feel about their lives. We identify examples of innovative practice that have been developed as a result of what these children and young people said.

The Your Life, Your Care and Your Life Beyond Care surveys are the largest surveys of their kind, giving more children in care and care leavers the chance to share their experiences. The survey compares local findings with those of other local authorities, as well as with peers in the general population.

By working with more than 80 local authorities and gathering over 24,000 responses from children and care leavers we have gained insight into the key question:  ‘What makes life good for children in care and care leavers?’

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