A National Voice – co-production and participation with young people

“Through participating at Coram Voice it allows me to meet other young people who also come from a care experienced background.” A young woman involved in ANV.

“Coram Voice opened up many opportunities to me as it allowed me to build up on my skills and personal development.”  A young man involved in ANV.

Participation at Coram Voice gives young people the opportunity to participate in decisions that affect their lives and makes a real difference to both them and other young people. The involvement of children and young people remains at the heart of everything we do. Our projects and programmes include:

Running children in care councils

To find out how we can work with you please contact us on 020 7833 5792 or info@coramvoice.org.uk 

A National Voice (ANV)

A national network of children and young people aged 0-26 who want to challenge stereotypes of children in care and improve the care system.

A National Voice (ANV) was established almost two decades ago by care experienced young people to be the National Voice of Children in Care and Care Leavers in England. In 2017 ANV joined Coram Voice, so that children and young people from care could continue to have their voices heard through national projects. 

We develop programmes through ANV that are led with care experienced children and young people to make care better, promote their aspirations and challenge public negative attitudes to children in care and care leavers.

ANV will engages children and young people in co-production projects including:

  • An Ambassador Programme for individuals selected to represent young people’s voice nationally and develop campaigns or resources to address the issues identified.
  • Training Social Workers in what it is like to be a child in and leaving care.
  • Working with children in care councils across England to explore key issues and inform campaigns or projects around what is important to young people.

A National Voice amplifies young people’s voices to influence the national policies and practices that discriminate against them, and in turn improve the local care they receive.

To find out more please email anv@coramvoice.org.uk 

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